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Sunset in the Forest

Welcome to a new way of imagining mental health.

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The I'm Okay 

The I'm Okay Collective began with one person (me - LM) wanting to share another way of looking at what has been labeled "mental illness" and "psychological disorders."

The I'm Okay Collective is:

~ a chorus of voices realizing our own Okayness amidst whatever emotions we navigate.

~ a sanctuary to express feelings and, with brave curiosity, challenge the clinical and psychiatric model we've been given throughout our lives.

~ a place to reframe what society has deemed "mentally ill" or "sick" and view these words as opportunities to investigate our human experience and, ultimately, redefine and reclaim this emotional landscape from a place of informed choice. 

What if it really is okay to struggle and how would you feel differently if you were simply witnessed, heard, and normalized, rather than "fixed,"  "changed,"  medicated/hospitalized, pathologized, and minimized?

An important note on inclusivity:

The I'm Okay Collective recognizes that many choose and find meaning in traditional mental health services, and psychiatric diagnoses; therefore, we do not claim to be anti-psychiatry or anti-traditional psychological services. We also do not claim to know what is right for your unique circumstance. Instead, The I'm Okay Collective wishes to offer up an alternate view of how we can see ourselves with more compassion, curiosity, and integration. Please explore more on this site regarding intentional peer support, informed consent, harm reduction, "parts work," among other tools and ways of seeing the world. Ultimately, you are the expert on yourself. 

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