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Miscellaneous & Meaningful Resources


The On Being Project

From the website:

"​We explore the big questions of meaning at the intersection of spiritual inquiry, science, social healing, and the arts: What does it mean to be human? How do we want to live? Who will we be to each other?

The Awakened Center - with Krista Pfohl

Madison-based certifed Reikii Master Practitioner & Reiki Master Teacher Krista Pfohl is owner and dreamer of The Awakened Center which offers Reiki with SEVA for Stress Release Acupressure, Access Bars, Theta Healing, and Sound Healing sessions. I've received Krista's Theta Healing and Sound Healing and can attest to her gentle intuition and support. I've also attended her public sound healing gatherings and they're wonderful!

Intentional Peer Support 

This has been the biggest influence on The I'm Okay Collective. ​

From IPS: An Alternative Approach by Shery Mead:

“Intentional Peer Support is about conversation. It’s about how we know, how we create new “knowing” through dialogue, and about how we as human beings interrelate by beginning to practice the art of connection – with ourselves, the people in our lives, and the people on the planet we may think we have nothing in common with. For me, it is a practice that has no right or wrong. It is always in flux; much like improvisation in music. It is a process of experimentation and co-creation. It assumes that we “play” off each other and create ever more interesting and complex ways of understanding. We see it as a tool for keeping the world on its toes, becoming more comfortable with less predictability as we become less reactive to fear. In other words, it is not another practice that presumes to have the answers but instead, it aims to generate good questions.”

Intuitive Soundscapes:

the way I show up for my feelings in a creative way, especially when words aren't enough. 

The Institute for the Development of Human Arts

Diving into this organization led me to feel incredibly validated and made me realize that my vision of transforming the way we discuss mental health was not a new vision at all. They do incredible work and I highly recommend you saturate yourself with all they share and offer. 

From their website:

"We believe that change happens through dynamic collaboration between clinicians in the field and advocates on the front lines dedicated to shifting policy and practice while building and uplifting safe alternatives. We understand that it is time for a new paradigm in mental health: one that does not deny anyone self-determination and healing, that accounts for the complexity of personal, social, and collective traumas, that opens up our narrow definition of "normal" for the full range of human experience and allows us to look beyond medicalized and disease-centered thinking to offer regenerative, holistic, and transformative practices."

Poetry by David Whyte        Andrea Gibson       

three poets particularly gifted in making sense of our messy and beautiful human experience. 

Podcasts, websites, music, and words that have brought me closer to discovering more about The I'm Okay Collective.
Click on the name to visit its website.

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