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When Okay is Not Okay

As we talk about The I'm Okay Collective, it's important to me that we don't cast a fuzzy feel-good blanket over the very real, divisive, and tragic things going in this country and around the world. I am the last person to put a pretty filter over real injustice and suffering.

What the I'm Okay Collective hopes to do in these times of very real heightened emotions is to name our experiences as valid, important, and worth exploring with compassion and curiosity. Ignorance isn't okay. Denial isn't okay. Hate isn't okay.

The I'm Okay Collective seeks to empower people to own their discomfort and challenging emotions as well as own their joy, hope, and curiosity. We want to offer a space that models acceptance, courage through vulnerability, and honors where we have been, where we are, and where we are going - while acknowledging that we live in a desperately divided and imperfect world in need of much acknowledgement, acceptance, and understanding.

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