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Defining Your Own Okayness (blog version)

When I am asked to consider something new to me and I have a hard time approaching it, I ask myself: "what if?"

What if this depression did not define me?

What if I said no with confidence?

What if I rest in silence when everyone says to scream?

What if I open my lungs and release all I need to say?

Approaching the idea with "what if" creates a less threatening way to enter the question as we are asking ourselves to imagine, not commit. I believe it is good to be curious. It is good to stretch the boundaries of what we know, good to be open to others’ experiences, knowing we don’t have to 100% agree, just 100% respect.

Admittedly, this will not work in all cases as there is always the extreme experience of something that ventures into cruel and inhumane territory. This is inherently and sadly understood as we go about our discussions here. But we refuse to consider it the norm because part of The I’m Okay Collective’s goal is to bring humanity back to a place of peace, wholeness, acceptance, and love. That is no small feat, and it is foolish to imagine the entire world will alter its perspective because of one Collective, but if not here, where? If not now, when? If we don’t reach out to one person, how will millions awaken to their own Okayness?

What if we got to define the word “Okay?”

If you hop over to the FORUM section, you can share YOUR answers, which would make me very happy! I hope you'll go for it.

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